Ara Pacis (In Inglese)

The Ara Pacis is an altar dedicated by Augustus in 9 BC to Peace, understood as the Roman goddess, and placed in an area of Campo Marzio dedicated to the celebration of the victories. In 13 BC, in fact, the Senate decided to build an altar dedicated to the achievement at the return of Augustus from an expedition in Spain and southern Gaul. This monument is one of the most important examples of Augustan art and is intended to symbolize peace and prosperity achieved as a result of the Pax Romana. The Ara Pacis is composed of a nearly square enclosure, raised on a low podium, on the short sides of which two gates, which is accessed by a flight of nine steps and inside, above a staircase, stood the altar itself. The sides of the fence there are reliefs depicting the mythological origins of Rome, as Aeneas’s sacrifice to the Penates (the statues protectors of the city) and the Lupercal.



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